… that stress is your number one obstacle to living a balanced healthy lifestyle?


Do you recognize your stress factors?

Have you ever wondered how some people handle change easily with no sign of stress or concern? What are they doing that you are not?

Take our free assessment to get an indication of your current stress level. This will give you an idea of what you need to strengthen and develop in order to achieve the results you are looking for.


Here is my secret weapon- Journal coaching - Contact me and I will set you on a self-guided journal program for healthy habits.


Coaching Creates daily actions that lead to Results

Manage stress, improve health, love your life

Mange your stress –-Enjoy an integrated healthy lifestyle

My passion is helping you to create a calm space in the midst of chaos, so you can reenergize, focus and move forward with actions that support your healthy lifestyle.

Why sleep matters

Sleep is an indicator of your current stress level.

Stress is the number one problem of disrupted sleep patterns. Dealing with the stress is the solution to improving your sleep pattern.

Stress or Health

Do you need to pick one? Yes. Your stress level is directly related to your health.

Manage your stress and you will improve your health.

What you get from Spiral Coaching is a coach who listens, challenges and supports you in the process of making positive changes. You pick the area and set up the plan.  Spiral Coaching gives you a solid partner to make it happen.

What is holding you back from making healthy choices? What stops you from spending time the way you want to? How would your life improve if you felt less stressed and had more time for fun in your life?

 What would happen if you turned your energy, focus and enthusiasm towards goals that mattered the most to you?

Turn your ideas into action!

You would:

  • Manage stress
  • Feel energized
  • Have self care time
  • Enjoy life
  • Be in charge of your own life
  • Act with purpose and meaning
  • See results

Having a guide for change takes the stress out of it. Spiral Coaching gives you a template for change based on evidence, research and common sense.

Here is my secret weapon- Journal coaching- You get faster results in a private online space that documents and tracks your changes. My clients who journal report it clears out their brain and provides clarity to the issues when they journal about a challenge or obstacle.

My passion is coaching you out of stress and into a fully integrated healthy lifestyle.

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