When does a strength become a weakness? My connections to people- relationships is a strength.
Connections and the need to be connected can be a weakness for me. How? When I stay in a job or situation too long- because of the connection- I stay- after this situation is no longer meeting my goals or needs. I am reflecting on that now- I do some fill in work with a hospital as a physical therapist- the other staff- my co- workers are great- they make me laugh- they raise above impossible situations with grace and energy- which is energizing and fun.
Over the last few months- I have re-evaluated my goals and what is working or not- this work is taking away from my goals – and my primary business of coaching. So I have cut back my schedule- and decided not to replace this with any thing other than more coaching time. How is that working- very well- I am getting reconnected close to home- teaching a QiGong class for a local gym- which is a positive connection for coaching – and interacting with people who are invested in health and wellness. I believe that when you close one door other doors will open- and that what you focus on is where you will get growth and development. I am looking forward to new developments and opportunities that I will have the time and energy to make happen.