Everyone knows know that if you took action on one essential healthy habit, everything else in your life would be a little bit easier. Here is a list of possible habits for you to choose from:


Getting a full nights sleep

Starting off the day with a meaningful activity

Planning time for the week ahead

Quiet time for thought and meditation

Physical exercise

Daily practice of gratitude

Inspirational or personal development

Setting boundaries on your time with other people

Leaving all work tasks and thoughts at work

Self care as a daily activity

Healthy food that nourishes your body

Family or fun time

Social time with friends

Simplify your to do list

Delegate more tasks

Reflect and learn from mistakes

Setting your intentions for each day

Let go of those things you cannot control


If living a long healthy life is your goal: follow these essential healthy habits to longevity

  1. Maintain a healthy body weight between 18.5-29.5 BMI
  2. Get at least 7 hours a sleep every night
  3. Do moderate exercise 150 min a week or 75 min of intense exercise weekly
  4. No Alcohol or only in moderation 1-2 drink/day with no binge drinking
  5. Not smoking


As you might think some of these essential health habits are linked together. Regular exercise helps with weight management and promotes better sleeping habits. Just as smoking or regular drinking of alcohol can be a hindrance to intense exercise workouts. The study that looked at habits for longevity did not consider stress, which I consider a key factor that derails many goals in creating a healthy lifestyle.

My challenge to you is to pick 1-3 of these essential core habits and practice them on a daily basis for 2 full weeks. You select the habit, define what it means to you and keep the actual time small. If you write out a list of 3 things each day you are grateful for: it only takes a minute. That means this is a habit that is easy to do.

Physical exercise can vary between a 10-minute walk , 3 minutes of stretching, or focused deep breathing.

My list has get a full nights sleep, exercise daily and creating a morning routine that is focused on setting intentions for the day, reflection and tackling the most important things first. Why? Because when I do those healthy habits my days flow smoothly and I feel energized and enthusiastic about my days accomplishments.

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