What are your fitness barriers?


The top three reasons people fail with a fitness plan


1. Do you believe that once you reach a certain size or weight, you’ll be happy?

When you say to yourself, “I’ll be happy when I reach______pounds,” one of two outcomes will result.

The first outcome is that you never reach that weight and are, therefore, never happy. The second outcome is that you reach that magical weight and realize after a while that is has absolutely nothing to do with your happiness.

The way to reach an understanding about your weight is to identify and deal with the underlying problem or issue with you and weight. Start by paying attention to when you eat and what food means to you.

Then you can start to take care of yourself in a way that makes the weight less of a struggle. Food is not your enemy, it is a tool to give you energy and be healthy.


2. Do you frequently look for a shortcut or an easier way to achieve what you want?

Dedication, commitment, and effort are needed to accomplish anything worthwhile.

You need to make a plan and stick to it if you want to achieve success when it comes to raising your family and succeeding in your career. The same goes for maintaining a successful, loving relationship.

Persistence and taking small steps every day is required to accomplish most anything worthwhile. Losing weight and taking care of you is no exception.

When you are counting on your health, fitness, and weight loss goals to be accomplished by the latest fad, you are really looking for something to take the place of making lasting changes in your routines.

Take the time to make realistic goals and action steps that support your healthy self


3. Do you frequently use excuses to get yourself out of doing what it takes to reach your goals?

“I don’t have time.”

“I don’t like to sweat.”

“The rest of my family would never eat that.”

“Then I’d have to shower before I go to work.”

“I have to travel a lot in my line of work.”

“My shins hurt when I do that.”

“I have asthma.”

“I get a rash when I do that.”

“Then what do I do with all those sweaty clothes?”

“I’ll start Monday.”

“I’ll focus on that next year.”

So many people just want to talk about making a change. But when it comes right down to doing the hard work or making the tough decisions, they prefer to offer excuses as to why they continue living their lives just as they are. Don’t be a victim of your own excuses… If you have excuses, you’re not ready, plain and simple.

Start your list today of why it is important for you to be a healthy person. When those goals are important enough, they will override any of your past excuses.

Your three action steps for a successful fitness plan

  1. Understand your relationship with food, use food for health and energy
  2. Make a plan that you can do every day, one step at a time
  3. Throw out your excuses and focus on goals that are important to you

Gwen Pettit is a life coach who helps people feel good about the changes they make to improve health and fitness one step at a time.

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