What your mind focuses on grows. Simple yet very true statement. Think about what is most important to you in life and that area expands. I have multiple lines of business. When I take more jobs in physical therapy- I have a regular paycheck and a planned out schedule.
What happens to my coaching practice? It slows down. So by saying yes to one area, I am letting another area decline. Last year, I purposely limited physical therapy jobs. Guess what? I doubled my coaching practice- just by paying more attention to it. What areas are you passionate about? Can you find them in your current work? Consider how you can do more of those high value things that bring you joy and keep you fully engaged? Look at how you spend your time. Focus on how to feel good about your time spent at the end of a day or week. What areas of life need more of your time and attention? The beginning of the year we all have great intentions on healthy eating and more exercise. Then what happens? Good intentions for positive change get lost within a busy hectic schedule. Consider what is important to you as you make your choices on where and how to spend your time. Small daily actions can quickly give you a sense of accomplishment that keep you moving towards what is near and dear to your heart. These daily or routine habits form the foundation of making larger positive changes.
What actions could you take on a regular basis that would make a difference in your life right now? Nourish yourself by finding and completing those small actions that support your area of passion. Remember when you focus on what you have accomplished – that feeds a positive attitude which supports your confidence that you can accomplish what ever you set out to do.
If you need some support- consider using a journal or finding a coach.
Here is a link to my journal site

You can get a free on line journal to support your own personal growth and development. Using a journal is a great way to focus and sort your thoughts on what you want.