I took a hike yesterday to a new place with the intention of hiking for 2 hours. Shortly into the hike, I lost the trail- what had been a well marked trail, started to change into a place where I could not find an obvious path. Did I make a mistake? Take a wrong turn? Where would I end up if I continued on this new path? I decided that I was still on track because I was outside walking in the woods- just not where I expected to be. I did back track and found the spot where I left the trail and could return to the well marked path. This started me thinking- when this happens in our well planned out lives- is it a dead end, mistake or just a detour when we go off in an unexpected direction? I like the idea of taking a detour- just a different area that I explored. Looking back I ended up on my detour because I was not looking at all of the choices -Another good learning for life- keeping my eyes wide open so that I am aware of my choices instead of just moving forward. Making choices instead of just moving in the easy direction is my learning for the day.

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