Spiral Consulting helps organizations improve their human performance in very specialized ways. All workshop material and interactive drills are tailored to fit your needs.  Each class includes scheduled phone coaching sessions to allow the opportunity for real life learning to be shared and turned into action plans by the individual participants.

Spiral Consulting will help organizations achieve these benefits:

  • Build sustainable internal coaching systems to support your emerging leaders
  • Setting up team meeting systems that promote innovative and creative solutions for team dynamics so that meeting time is productive time instead of wasted time.
  • Understand and tackle the barriers and challenges of building your human potential

Internal Coaching Programs

Train the Trainer for Internal Coaches
Coaching as a leadership tool goes beyond giving accurate feedback on performance and setting up workplace goals. Coaching at its best is about helping an employee meet long term performance excellence, be able to make self corrections and  seek continual ways to improve and develop as individuals.

This program offers several paths to train qualified people to serve that role as coach for your own employees.