Individual Physicians find coaching a useful guide in dealing with professional change and personal transitions.  Clients have reported that coaching has helped them when:

  • Negotiations are complex
  • Financial stakes are high
  • Choices are unclear and have significant consequences
  • Big decisions are getting overwhelmed by day to day tasks

Physicians often strive to balance their professional role with enjoying an active, enjoyable personal life. The constantly changing demands of practicing medicine sometimes leaves little time or energy to deal with individual needs.

Some of the reasons that physicians decide to work with me are because they are:

  • Frustrated with their current career path
  • Upset over more time spend on paperwork than actual medical practice
  • Overwhelmed with their current time demands
  • Concerned that their long term goals are getting lost in the daily grind

I coach physicians to use their skills and knowledge to make decisions and changes that support their ideal future.