You may have started your own business based on personal skills and a passion to be your own boss. Are you acting as the CEO for your own business or is the business running you?
Coaching can provide a way for keeping your daily business plan on track with your dreams

What are the benefits of coaching for small business owners?

  • Get a clear focus on what is the best use of your time as CEO
  • Create a one page business plan that turns your vision into an action plan
  • Uncover the time and task traps that hinder your achievements
  • Rekindle the passion that drove you to start this business in the first place

What does a typical coaching series focus on?

  • Are your actions today improving your business for tomorrow?
  • Does your business support your personal goals?
  • Are your decisions based on financial data and long term strategy?

What I have found is that many business owners have the knowledge and ambition to be successful.  What gets in their way is trying to do everything themselves and not making choices on how best to use their unique talents.