Once in a while it is a good thing to be uncomfortable. I am the first to admit I like to plan ahead and do not like surprises. I am the type of person who orders the same sandwich at the local deli and likes to know the expected outcomes before I start a project.
So why do I suggest that stepping out into the great unknown is good for you? First- there is no learning if you stay within your comfortable areas of expertise. Nothing new can be learned if you do the same things over and over again. How do you know you have a fear of heights unless you get to a cliff trail and look down. How do you know if you could be a leader unless you are willing to step up into that role. When you stretch your self into new territory you will learn something about yourself that will give you new confidence. There is a surge of confidence when you attempt something difficult and new. Especially if you consider failure just a method of learning. So consider where you could step out of your comfort zone and learn something new this year. Let it be OK to be the most uncoordinated dancer in a class or the person who asks the most questions in a group discussion.