Use your brain instead of willpower to lose weight


Use your brain instead of willpower  to lose weight. Your brain is the secret key to eating healthy and losing weight. It is not a lack of will power, motivation  or being lazy that stops your from losing weight. Your subconscious mind makes 90-95 % of your decisions for you. Which means most of your food choices are based on your habits and past patterns. You make those choices because it is easy, not because you lack motivation or willpower.

The secret key to eating healthy is to use your brain to create a system with a step by step plan that makes it easier for you to choose the heathy options.  Set up all of your food choices early in the day.  Avoid making decisions about food at the end of the day when you are tired and hungry.

Plan ahead.

Plan out menus, have a list before you go to the store. Make your lunch the day before. Prep for dinners ahead of time. Anything you do that creates a system for making the healthy choice simple. Ask for help from family or friends to support your new system.

Motivation for eating healthy is reinforced by hanging out with other people who eat healthy.  Encourage others who want to be healthy. Make social plans around walks instead of pizza and beer.

 You have a limited amount of willpower

Willpower lags over the day based on how many decisions you have to make. If you look at a doughnut 5 times, you are more likely to eat that doughnut. So keep food that is not part of your plan, out of sight. I have never understood the rationale for keeping a dish of candy on your desk. I even consider it a bit mean to other people around you, because you are asking them to use energy to avoid or make a food choice every time they walk by your desk. Why would you encourage others to eat candy, if you are committed to cutting back on candy yourself?

Set small goals

Pick one food type to eliminate or pick one meal to make healthy. Make your goal easy enough that you can be consistent in achieving it. That consistent behavior creates the system that makes your brain automatically support that habit. Keep it simple. Simple builds success.

Why is making a change so difficult? It is easy to fall back on your past habits. It requires a focused effort to create a new habit.

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