Who are you? Who do you choose to be in the world?  What is your purpose for being?

Reflect on how your choices are influenced by your personal identity. Many of us carry labels from our past that others have given us. These labels may not be valid or accurate today. Focus your awareness on how you view yourself today. Your beliefs lead to self-perceptions that can determine your outward actions. What labels do you carry about your self?  Write a brief description of yourself as the person that you are striving to be.    Read that statement every morning while looking in a mirror. Reflect on how this exercise affects your day.  Consider how your own beliefs about yourself help you or hinder you this week?  Are there any labels you need to drop or toss out? Pay attention to your choices this week and how your actions support your choices.  What happens when you have to take an action that is out of your comfort zone?  It is only with reflection on our actions and beliefs can we make changes that support personal self development and growth. Try one new thing this week that moves you towards a personal or professional goal.