Why Veterinarians Choose Spiral Coaching

While being a veterinarian is an important part of your life-your health depends on being passionate about all aspects of your life, not just your profession.

You want an integrated healthy lifestyle that fits all aspects of your life.

What gets in the way of making changes for you?

  • Competing demands on your time
  • Feeling overwhelmed with responsibility
  • Working harder and faster without seeing different results

Why Coaching?

Coaching is about asking yourself better questions to open up choices that support you as a whole person. I coach veterinarian professionals  who are so overwhelmed with responsibilities that they have lost their own sense of purpose in life. It is because you are dedicated and highly invested in your clients that you work long hours. Your energy gets pulled in many directions because you say yes when other people need help. You are generous with your time without considering the impact on your personal needs. Then one day you wake up and realize that you have no time for yourself and your own personal goals have faded away.

Stress is the number one reason I coach veterinarians.  Clients choose me because I understand about stress in veterinary medicine. Overwhelm, burnout and compassion fatigue are now recognized as top issues that lead to physical and emotional distress.  My personal philosophy is learning to put yourself first with self-care and self-compassion will lead you to health, self -development and professional growth. Lower your stress and regain control of your life with Spiral Coaching as your guide.