What do I believe?

This is a question that many of us don’t slow down long enough to think about. We get busy doing things and moving forward reacting to events and situations as they occur. Let me explain the value of having clarity on your core values and what you believe.

Our internal beliefs guide our daily decisions, even when we don’t think about them.  If I have a core belief that working harder is the best way to get ahead- than I work long hours without thinking about it. That belief in hard work may override any concerns about having a balanced life outside of work.

Where do beliefs come from? Our beliefs are built on experience and information gathered from other people and situations.  Our beliefs can be based on the past and no longer relevant or helpful in the present. Some beliefs come from hearing repeated information that is not accurate. Can you think of some beliefs from childhood that are not useful to you today? How do you start to pay attention to your current belief system? My favorite method is to use an journal. A journal that asks you to pay attention to what is working or not working in your life, will give you some ideas on where to make positive changes.


Keeping a journal is a proven way to help you increase your awareness on how beliefs impact your actions on a regular basis.

What helps you sort and redefine  beliefs is the ability to open your mind to different perspectives. Learn from other view points. Be curious. Ask questions. Understand that there are a variety of perspectives on any given subject. Gather all the knowledge that you can. Then make decisions based on your own conclusions.  Ask yourself how your beliefs serve you? Where do they hinder or create obstacles for you?  When you have a basic set of operating beliefs they can make decisions easier.  Your actions and decisions feel right to you when you are operating based on your beliefs. If you are uncomfortable about a decision, explore what is really  bothering you. Here are a few of my basic beliefs.

  • I believe that I am responsible for my own happiness
  • I believe that it is my responsibility to speak up for my own needs and concerns
  • I believe in treating other people with kindness and respect
  • I believe that self care is critical to personal development and professional growth

I challenge you to create your own list of beliefs – then reflect on how they guide your actions.

Keep the beliefs that help you and toss out the old ones that just get in your way. Try an online journal for free with Spiral Coaching.  What you get is a private space for your own self development or an innovative way to interact with  Coach Gwen.

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