What is the best use of my time today?

How often do we even ask ourselves that question?  If you are tired of running in circles and getting pulled by the needs of other people in your world, try this exercise for a week.

Ask your self these two questions everyday. If I only get one thing done today, what is the most important thing for today?  What is the highest value use of my talent and skills today?

Setting a clear intention and focus for one day at time will help you accomplish the most important things even in the middle of a chaotic day. The second idea is to focus on the things that you do best and create value for you. My biggest challenge in working from home is to not get caught up in doing small tasks around the house instead of productive work on my business.

It would be easy for me to stay busy all day long; my hardest question at the end of the day was my day busy and spent of high value projects or just busy?

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