When I get stuck, it is usually I have too many things in my brain at one time. I cannot pick what to do or where to start.  I have too much information. Too many choices create stress and anxiety. I have to slow down to speed up.


What does slow down to speed up mean?


Slow down means to stop and think. Sit and plan before you act. Set up your day by thinking first. Getting a list on paper to capture what is important right now. Consider what things can be passed to others, done later or not at all.  Once you have a plan that makes sense: you then can speed up because you have the priority of your actions set up.


Urgency and stress start in our brains


Everything is not urgent. Very few things are actually urgent.


What one thing is the most important thing to accomplish today?

That one question can save you time and stress.


Think before you act.

Plan ahead.

Slow down to speed up.

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